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    • Jonathan A. Sternberg's avatar
      fix: hash the libraries to produce a unique file per source input (#21) · c4be9eb1
      Jonathan A. Sternberg authored
      This changes `pkg-config` to produce a unique hashed linked output and
      configures it to output a link command that includes that hash. This is
      done because Go will hash the output of `pkg-config` and it will hash
      multiple builds.
      For example, it is possible to use `pkg-config` on one build and get a
      valid output. Then you make a modification and use it again and get
      another valid output. If you revert back to the first build input,
      go will believe the library has already been built and won't run
      `pkg-config` again. It will link against the output from the second
      This is because go's invocation of `pkg-config` always assumes that
      nothing changes. By adding these hashes, go will use the first
      `pkg-config` invocation's output and link against the correct library.
      This mostly affects local builds because local builds are the only
      circumstance where `pkg-config` will overwrite the old file. Module and
      vendor builds aren't affected because they produce a unique directory
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      fix: do not search the path for the executable if it was specified with PKG_CONFIG (#8) · ee99b960
      Jonathan A. Sternberg authored
      If the application was specified with `pkg-config`, it would still look
      on the path for itself and would remove the real `pkg-config`. This
      fixes it so it recognizes that `PKG_CONFIG` was set and will unset that
      environment variable instead of modifying the path. If it was wrong and
      `PKG_CONFIG` was not used to invoke it, this just causes it to call
      itself once rather than infinitely.
      This also modifies `pkg-config` to use the `CARGO` environment variable
      to find `cargo` for the flux build. This makes it easier to configure
      for an IDE that doesn't have cargo on the normal path.
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    • Jonathan A. Sternberg's avatar
      feat: implement finding modules when it is a dependency · 5b9092a4
      Jonathan A. Sternberg authored
      This implements finding the flux module when it is not the main module.
      When a replace is used with a file path, `pkg-config` will compile it
      the same as if it were the main module.
      This also implements downloading the module to the module cache to
      perform the build there. This build will fail though because the
      directory is read only.